All of My Devices Ring When I Get a Call! How to Make This Stop with iOS 11


If you have multiple devices (iPhone, iPad, Macbook) that are all logged into your iCloud account, you’ve likely had this happen: one minute, you’re calm. The next, you receive an incoming call and every device you own is suddenly beeping and blaring. Up until now, I’ve avoided this by simply turning iMessages off for my iPad and Macbook. But there’s a better way now with iOS 11 on iPhone. Here’s how to make all of your devices stop ringing when you get a call with iOS 11 on iPhone.

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All of My Devices Ring When I Get a Call! How to Make This Stop

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Phone.
  • Tap Calls on Other Devices.

  • You can choose to not allow calls on any of your other devices by swiping off the feature at the very top.
  • Or, you can toggle off individual devices to allow calls on some and turn others off.

  • I have calls on for my Macbook, but I don’t allow them on my iPad.
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