iPhone 8 Rumors: What to Expect from Apple’s 10th Anniversary iPhone

When is the next iPhone coming out and what can you expect from Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone? We’ll answer those questions and dive into iPhone 8 images, price, and all the latest rumors. The 10th iPhone anniversary is expected to be a big one, but Apple is reportedly having trouble merging its iPhone 8 design with reality. One thing seems certain, the new iPhone 8 has to exceed expectations. It’s the 10th anniversary, and users have grown increasingly annoyed by the lack of innovation in new iPhones. Can Apple rise to the challenge? Here’s our iPhone 8 rumor roundup with info on Apple’s big 10th anniversary event, including iPhone 8 rendered images, potential release dates, and more.

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There’s been a lot of confusion surrounding the new iPhone 8. It’s possible that only the tricked-out expensive 10th anniversary model will wow the crowd and take the name 'iPhone 8'. Regardless of the name, whether iPhone 7s, iPhone 8, iPhone 10, or iPhone X, bloggers speculate that there will be three iPhone models, with only one of them making major design and capability changes, along with a higher price tag. Of course, nothing is set in stone. But here’s a quick look at the rumored iPhone 8 features:

Quick Look: iPhone 8 Rumors

  • 3 iPhone models
  • OLED display (one model)
  • All-Screen (edge-to-edge) display
  • Facial recognition
  • AR-ready vertical camera
  • Glass and stainless steel design
  • Wireless charging
  • A11 chip & more RAM
  • True Tone display
  • Functionality Bar (similar to Macbook Pro)
  • Touch ID on Back?

When Is the iPhone 8 Coming Out?

Usually, I would confidently say that Apple will release the new iPhone 8 in September 2017. And more than likely, that will still be the case. But there have been recent rumors suggesting that the iPhone release will be delayed until November. Apple has had a couple problems already with the iPhone 8, including manufacturing demands and the issue of getting Touch ID to work on a full-screen display. Some rumors predict that Apple will release an iPhone 7s and 7s Plus in September with the special edition iPhone 8 debuting in November. Personally, I hope Apple has a more elegent release structure in mind.

image credit: ifanr

3 iPhone Models?

One of the most prominent iPhone 8 rumors is about the 10th anniversary edition iPhone. Bloggers speculate that Apple will have three models of the iPhone 8. Two of those models would be closer to the iPhone 7s (and may even be called that), meaning the upgrades would be minimal. The third model is rumored to be more expensive because of its OLED display that is expected to take up nearly all of the front of the iPhone, allowing for a slightly larger 5.8-inch screen. This third model is rumored to cost closer to $1000 and feature the AR-ready vertical camera, OLED display, and more premium features. However, I think it would be a mistake to put all of this energy into only the special edition 10th anniversary iPhone 8; I sincerely hope Apple includes significant improvement and innovation into every model it releases.

Touch ID on the Back of the iPhone?

This is a newer rumor that came to light after some design schematics leaked, showing a place for Touch ID on the back of the iPhone. Having an all-screen glass display on the iPhone 8 has made it difficult for Apple. Apparently, it’s not so easy to fit Touch ID beneath a glass screen and have it work with the same level of accuracy. But simply putting Touch ID on the back is not much of a solution. I don’t think this will be the final design that Apple goes with; I mean Apple is reportedly testing out ten different prototypes, and all we can really do is speculate and cross our fingers that this isn’t the design Apple chooses.

image credit: /Leaks                                                                                                                                                           

OLED Display

An OLED screen has been on the list of iPhone rumors for a couple years now, and according to the Wall Street Journal’s report, one or more of the new iPhone models will include an OLED display. Adopting OLED screens would allow Apple to create a thinner iPhone (since it wouldn’t need the same backlighting as current screens) and a better battery life (since OLED requires less power than the current LCD screens). OLED would also offer richer colors, truer blacks, and even the flexibility for a curved all-screen or edge-to-edge display.

All-Screen (Edge-to-Edge) Display + Functionality Bar

There are varying opinions on whether or not all of the new iPhone 8 models will have an all-screen display, or at least an edge-to-edge one. But if Apple is planning on upgrading only the more expensive 10th anniversary model with an all-screen display (and all the other interesting rumors), why even make the others? Sure, the iPhone 8 will cost more because of these new features, but it would be silly to release two other models with no significant design or feature changes.

Another recent rumor is that Apple will use the bottom of the all-screen display for a functionality bar, similar to those on the most recent Macbook Pro. This is a classic Apple move—releasing tech for one product and then bringing it to others. So long as we see an all-screen design for the final product, I think it’s highly likely that we’ll see a functionality bar too.

image credit: ifanr                                                                                                                                                             

Facial Recognition

While the next iPhone will most likely include Touch ID, it might also include an iris scanner or facial recognition. This rumor originally seemed like a stretch, until we heard reports that Apple acquired Israeli firm RealFace, which specializes in facial recognition. If Apple plans to ditch a visible Home button, this new feature makes even more sense. However, it sounds like Apple has no intention of ditching Touch ID altogether in favor of Facial Recognition. If the technology is ready, I imagine Apple will include Facial Recognition in the 10th anniversary iPhone 8. Update: And in fact, a look in the HomePod firmware released to developers make it seem likely that the next iPhone will not only have facial recognition, it will be able to scan your face even when the iPhone is resting on a table or other horizontal surface.

Vertical Camera for Augmented Reality

A lot of the recently leaked iPhone 8 images reveal a vertical camera. It’s said that Apple is making this change in order to hop on the Augmented Reality bandwagon. Apple knowns technology is moving towards AR and VR (virtual reality), and it will be important to stay on pace with the changes. In line with this, it’s also thought that the front-facing camera will get a second lense like the iPhone 7 Plus did last year. It’s predicted that the upgraded front-facing camera would have a myriad of applications, including 3D face scanning capabilities for creating your avatar in augmented or virtual reality gaming. Yet again, all rumors indicate that this technology will be reserved for the special edition iPhone 8.

image credit: iDropNews                                                                                                                    

Glass & Stainless Steel Design

The iPhone 4s was the last iPhone to have a glass back. We’ve only seen iPhones designed with strong aluminum bodies since then. But with the next iPhone, we may see a glass and stainless steel design. Of course, if Apple chooses to go this route, it will hopefully have figured out a way to improve the strength of the glass used on its iPhones, especially considering that it moved away from a glass design in the past due to the iPhone’s vulnerability to nasty cracks.

Goodbye Lightning Connector? 

According to WSJ sources, Apple may ditch the Lightning connector in favor of a USB-C connector. The leak has another possible interpretation, however. The article stated that the iPhone 8 may include a, "USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company’s original Lightning connector." Apple could keep the Lighting connector but replace the USB-A end of the power cord with a USB-C port. This would make it easy to connect to Apple's latest MacBook line that uses USB-C. But if I have to use another dongle, I may just lose it. Overall, I think this rumor is more fluff than truth. Some rumors suggest that Apple is improving the lightning connector for a faster charging speed, like that of the USB-C. We’ll just have to wait and see with this one.

image credit: ifanr                                                                                                                                                                        

A11 Chip Upgrade + More RAM

The iPhone 7 uses an A10 chip with a reported 2 GB of RAM. It’s no surprise then that Apple plans to upgrade to an A11 chip with the next iPhone. The premium or Plus models of the next generation of iPhone are also expected to get a RAM upgrade.

Wireless Charging

Apple ditched the headphone jack with the iPhone 7, so it only seems natural that it would move toward a completely wireless iPhone. Many Samsung phones already offer wireless charging, so Apple is late to the game with this technology. However, Apple has also been waiting for distance charging, which would allow you to charge your iPhone from 15 feet away. As awesome as that would be, the technology is reportedly not up to par yet. I sure hope we see wireless charging in the next iPhone, and Ming-Chi Kuo thinks this time around, we will. Wireless distance charging is probably another couple years down the road though.  

Jet White iPhone 8?

The iPhone 7’s shiny Jet Black model has been popular. So why not make a shiny white iPhone? I can't say for sure how much validity this rumor has, but I love my Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. Despite its tendency to collect fingerprints, it just feels super classy. I'm sure the Jet White iPhone would be the same.

image credit: Sonny Dickson                                                                                                                                                       

What Will the iPhone 8 Cost?

It’s expected that the iPhone 8 (or iPhone 7s & 7s Plus) will be about the same price as the iPhone 7. That’s Apple’s pattern, and we don’t expect to see it break from that. However, if there are three models with one of them being a premium model for the 10th anniversary, that model will be more expensive and is rumored to be the first $1000 iPhone. As far as the regular iPhone 8 (or 7s) model, it will probably start at $649 for the 32 GB and go up to $849 for the 256 GB, with the Plus model being a hundred dollars more for each.


My biggest concern with Apple’s upcoming release is the differences between models. Almost all of the iPhone 8 rumors that are innovative or interesting in any way seem to also be features reserved for the premium 10th anniversary iPhone 8. And I think that would be a mistake. Apple doesn’t have the luxury to focus all of its energy into this one expensive model. The competition is stacking up against Apple, and it needs to severely step up its innovation game. If Apple plans on offering a $1000 iPhone, it better also make the standard (already expensive) iPhone incredible too. Otherwise, don’t make them.

What do you want to see in the new iPhone 8? Let us know in the comments!


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