How to Turn off Apple Music Auto Renew

How to Turn off Apple Music Auto Renew

So you signed up for Apple Music's three month trial lured by the knowledge you can just cancel the service at the end of the trial if you don't like it. But will you remember three months from now to cancel Apple Music in time to avoid being billed? Probably not. Here's how to turn off Apple Music's auto-renewal setting right now just in case you decide you don't want to keep Apple's streaming music service.

First, open the Music app and go to your account by tapping on the head-shaped icon in the upper left corner of your screen.

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Next, tap on View Apple ID and sign in to your Apple account.

Scroll down to Subscriptions and tap Manage.

At the top of the next screen you will see the date your free trial ends and at the bottom under Renewal Options you will see an option to toggle Automatic Renewal off. 

Once you have turned Automatic Renewal off, you will need to select a renewal option at the end of your free trial if you want to continue subscribing to Apple Music.

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